Friday, March 7, 2014

Ariel (1988)

Today's film is Ariel, and it's from Finland.  It is a crime drama but is lighthearted and quirky.  If you enjoyed films like Buffalo '66, then you will definitely enjoy this film.
One day, in faraway Finland, the coal mine closes.  What are the miners going to do to earn a living? The story focuses on Taisto and his struggle.  First, his dad, who is also a miner, feels hopeless and kills himself.  But, he leaves his convertible to Taisto.  How is he supposed to drive a convertible through the snow?  He can't even get the roof down.

He withdraws some money on his way to find a job and a place to live, but that quickly gets stolen.  He finds work as a day laborer but that pays next to nothing. He meets Irmeli by chance and goes on a date with her.
Everything in this movie happens so quickly, so spontaneously.  Taisto and Irmeli fall in love almost immediately.  Taisto finds the guy who stole all his money and tries to attack him.  He is sent to jail for a year and 11 months because of this.  He can never catch a break.  Still, Irmerli comes to court to support him.  While in jail, Taisto asks her to marry him.  Since he doesn't want to spend almost 2 years in jail, he and his cellmate plan a daring escape!

This movie is funny at times and absurd at times.  Hardly anything goes right for Taisto and we keep hoping for the best for him.  I will give this film a 7/10.

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