Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

My film related goals this new year are to try and post at least every other day, even if it's a short review.  I'll post a short review if I'm having a bad sick day since I can always come back and edit it later.  Also, I'm making more themed weeks because those were fun.

I have an important theme coming up for the New Year: For the next 40 reviews (except Saturdays) every film will be from a different country.  I realized that most movies I watch are American and if I keep at this pace I'll only have foreign films left near the end.  So, I'm picking one film from each country and reviewing it.
Even though I'm strictly focusing on the 2012 edition, I listed all the new additions from the recent 2013 edition as well as any deleted movie in my "Honorable Mentions" section on the right side of the page.  My non-film-related resolutions include working out and lots of cosplay.  I might review one last film before the year is over but for right now I will leave y'all with a Tangled gif:


  1. That sounds like a fun project. With 40 different countries you will have to go beyond the usual big movie countries and into someting more obscure. That sould be interesting. Enjoy and happy new year.

  2. if you haven't already picked all 40 may I toss out a few?

    France - Amelie or Children of Paradise
    Germany - The Lives of Others, Das Boot, or M
    Italy - Cinema Paradiso
    Mexico - Pan's Labyrinth or Y Tu Mama Tambien
    Spain - anything from Almodovar on the list, especially All About My Mother, Talk to Her, and Volver
    Japan - anything by Kurosawa especially Seven Samurai, Ikiru, and Throne of Blood
    China - Hero
    Hong Kong - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    The U.K. - Whisky Galore!
    South Africa - Tsotsi

    Not to everyone's tastes because of the violence in them:

    Belgium - Man Bites Dog
    South Korea - Oldboy

    Not on the list, but should be because they are better than anything else from New Zealand:

    New Zealand: Once Were Warriors and Whale Rider

    1. I haven't picked out all the films but I do have a few ideas.