Friday, April 15, 2016

My 30th birthday and blog progress!

Today is my 30th birthday!  My original plan was to watch all 1001 movies from the list by today, but that obviously didn't happen, and I really didn't think I was going to do it.  When I started this blog in February 2013, I was suffering from a nerve disorder and confined to a wheelchair.  I was in constant pain and often had seizures as well.  Since I couldn't go out or play sports or anything, I had to find something to occupy my time.  Also, with my autism, I often prefer being alone than in crowded indoor areas.

I looked at many small film lists and then I came across the really really big list - The 1001 films you must see before you die.  And I thought, that sounds really morbid, but I'm in pain in a wheelchair, am I really living?  How long would this take me to do? 30 sounds like a nice round number, I'll pick that.  After having several surgeries, I wasn't entirely sure I would make it 30 so I would try to watch what I could while I had the time.

Not only did I have several surgeries, but I had rehab and lots of therapy.  I learned what triggers my seizures and try to avoid them, which isn't always possible but I no longer rely on medication every day.  After 3 years of constant work, I can now walk completely unassisted.  And after being told by a fertility clinic it was impossible for me to have kids, I am now expecting a baby due in October.

I am so happy at everyone who stops by my blog, and I enjoy reading your comments.  I also enjoy reading many other film reviewer's blogs as well.  I have been pain free for almost a year now.  It feels really great.  I am now watching films as my schedule allows me.  When my baby is born I will retire to being a full time mom, which I am excited about.  This will also allow me to spend more time with my daughter.


  1. Congratulations on all accounts, not least being pregnant. We really want a second child but that is just not happening.
    You have had a very rough time, worse than I thought, and I am very happy to hear how much better you are now.
    Good luck with health, pregnancy and watching movies.

  2. Happy Birthday! Thirty is a wonderful age to be. Congratulations on your pregnancy and the improvement in your health. This was such a nice post to read!

  3. Congratulations on your birthday milestone, coming through your medical problems, and on becoming a mother in the future.