Friday, August 15, 2014

The New 1001 List of Films

Here are my thoughts about the new 1001 films you must See Before You Die list for 2014.  So far all the editors did was remove a bunch of recent films and add a bunch of different ones.  This decade isn't over yet and there may be a really great film coming out that we don't know of yet.  I know that the editors put out a new book every year to sell, but I think that changing a "definitive list" every year is not a good idea.  How can they call it a "definitive list" of films if it is going to change every single year? 
My idea is to put out a new list at the start of every new decade.  That way we have time to watch new films and learn and then we will know what are the best films.  None of this changing recent films back and forth.  Also, there are some older films that are still on there that are terrible.  Just because they are old does not mean they are good.  I think instead of constantly adding films, they need to whittle the list down a bit to make it a truly great list.  Less is more.  After all, this is the 1001 list, not the 1001 films plus some others I like.   The number is getting too high.

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