Wednesday, July 9, 2014

À nous la liberté (Liberty for Us) (1931)

Today's film is À nous la liberté (Liberty for Us).  We didn't expect it to be a musical!  After watching this, I read it influenced Modern Times.  Some say that it was even plagiarized.  But I don't believe that because I saw Modern Times first, and I didn't even think of it once while watching this film.  I mean, they both take place in factories.  Whatever.

In the beginning, we meet Emile and Louis, who are working in an assembly line in a prison.  We don't know why they are there and we don't care.  They plan a daring escape, but only Louis makes it out.  I quickly noticed that Louis is a thief and is very cunning.  Over time, he builds a phonograph empire and has his own factory.

The factory's assembly line is exactly like the prison's.  It shows that working in a mundane environment is like being trapped in a prison.  Anyone who does not work on the assembly line is a rich fat cat that is greedy and doesn't do anything.

Later, Louis escapes and falls in love with a girl who works in the factory.  Eventurally, he meets up with Emile and is treated like a king. The girl's uncle is all for Louis marrying her (because now he has money), but she is already in love with another guy.

The romantic subplot doesn't go very far, because other men have realized that Emile is actually a runaway prisoner and want to blackmail him.  Emile is about to open a brand new plant, and they want a part of it.  Emile announces that his new plant is fully automated, and that he is giving it to all his workers.  The workers now spend their time relaxing, while Emile and Louis escape to a simple life on the road.  I will give this film a 6/10.


  1. I think I liked Modern Times better. This one does not really click.

    1. you're right. Modern Times is so much better than this.

  2. I agree that Modern Times didn't even enter my brain once while watching this. I liked this film a little more than you, I think, but I agree Modern Times is much better.