Thursday, April 17, 2014

Back to Reviewing Films

Hi!  Azalea and I are back after a 10 day hiatus.  We traveled from our home in Florida, to Alabama for a funeral (which takes 6.5 hours) and then to Louisiana for the burial (another 7 hours).  My husband's grandmother passed.  It's fine though, because I've been trying to help get her clean for 5 years, and she ultimately chose the drugs over her own life.  You can't help drug addicts unless they want to be helped.  Then, we helped clean out her apartment, and there were drugs and random papers Everywhere, so that was fun.  Now I am back to the relaxing art of film reviewing and work (school for Azalea).

Tuesday was my birthday and I am still working on my goal of completing the 2012 list of the 1001 films you must see before you die.  So far I have written 315 reviews, but not all of them have been list films.  So far I have seen 398 list films.  That's pretty good for someone with no attention span.  My daughter helps me with my somewhat weekly animated movie review.  This week we watched The Pirate Fairy.  It was okay.  As for my New Year's goal of watching 40 films from 40 different countries, right now I am about halfway through.  We are both glad to be back in Florida.


  1. Welcome back and happy birthday. You are on a roll so you will have completed the list in no time.